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Wear Pads and Sleeves
Used for Protection Against Abrasion and Cutting

Wear Pad and Sleeve Materials
Texturized Nylon - available in any length, tubular for sleeves or flat for wear pads. Texturized nylon is best for abrasion, and being 100% nylon has the same excellent stretch and chemical properties as the sling.

WEBBING - recommended for cutting resistance. Heavy duty 3/16" thick nylon sling webbing with Red-Core warning yarns. Available as wear pads or sleeves.

FLEXAN - recommended as a sleeve for resistance to cutting and abrasion. Because of the different stretch characteristics of Flexan and nylon, Flexan is not recommended for sewn-on wear pads over 3 ft.

KEVLAR® - this flexible, lightweight, high strength material offers excellent protection against cutting, making it an ideal sling protector. Tubular in configuration, available as sleeves only.

H.D. FELT - offers exceptional protection against cutting on sharp edges, such as steel coils. High density 3/8" synthetic material available as sleeves only.

Kevlar® is a Dupont trademark.

Types of Wear Pads

Eye PadEye Pad

Sling SurfaceSling Surface

Sling EdgeSling Edge

Types of Sleeves

Sleeves protect the sling on both sides and can be positioned at various points to accomodate the changing positions of concentrated wear. Sleeves are best for cut protection when handling material wtih sharp edges.

FLOATING SLEEVES cannot be removed from the sling and are available for endless slings only.

SLIDING SLEEVES are removable from the sling and are available for all slings including endless.

READY SLEEVES, made of heavy duty webbing, have hook and loop strips sewn on edges to accomodate fast and easy installation and removal. They are perfect for use on slings with hardware, eliminating the need to return the sling to the factory for installation of a sleeve.

Texturized Nylon SleeveTexturized Nylon Sleeve

Webbing SleeveWebbing Sleeve

Tanera SleeveFlexan Sleeve

Kevlar SleeveKevlar Sleeve

Felt SleeveFelt Sleeve

Ready SleeveReady Sleeve