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Wear-Flex Load Binders

For Safer, Easier, Lower Cost Cargo Control

Wear-Flex Load Binders are available in three different strengths. All are manufactured from high strength, low stretch polyester webbing. They are simple to use and are available with a variety of buckles and end fittings. The 1" wide Load Binders are available in 2500 lb. breaking strength (833 lb. working load limit), the 2" wide Load Binders are available in 5000 lb. (1666 lb. working load limit) and 10,000 lb. (3333 lb. working load limit) breaking strengths. They are available in two standard configurations, Type D and Type C, as well as components Type A and Type B. Wear-Flex Load Binders meet or exceed all OSHA, CVSA and California Highway Patrol regulations.

How To Order

Triangle-Triangle Choker Sling

Four Important Details

1. Specified lengths include fittings; dimensions are given in feet.
2. End fittings on all Load Binders face down unless otherwise specified.
3. Load Binders include and extra 1/2 ft. of web for a pull tab.
4. All Load Binders are supplied with a 1" diameter plain loop when a fitting or buckle is not specified.

Load Binder
Body Width - Inches Breaking Strength - Lbs. Working Load Limit - Lbs.
1" 2500 Lb. 833 Lb.
2" 5000 Lb. 1666 Lb.
2" 10000 Lb. 3333 Lb.

How To Order Any Wear-Flex Load Binder By Stock Number

1. Follow the examples above and write the type Load Binder first, Type A, B, C, or D.
2. Starting on the left, list each part and web length in sequence after the type of Load Binder.

Available Hardware for Load Binders