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Body-Guard (BG)


Safe-Line Protective Nylon Sling

The Safe-Line Body-Guard Sling is constructed with texturized nylon sleeve body protection and Safe-Line lifting web with texturized nylon "Armor Jacket" protection.

They are the best slings available for heavy duty handling of sharp edges and rough surfaces. The patented sleeve body feature (U.S. Patent #RE 26704) protects all load bearing web from the movement on sharp edges that causes sling abrasion and cutting. This protective nylon sling effectively includes all the best features of Endless, Eye and Eye, Reverse Eye and Dual Eye slings.

Body-Guard Sling

For extra safety, the Body-Guard sleeve is completely adjustable and allows 100% visual inspection of all lifting web.

Body-Guard Sling

Order by Stock No. and Length Lifting Web Width (inches) Eye Length (inches) Rated Capacity (lbs.)
Choker @ 30° Vertical @ 90° Basket @ 90°
4½" wide free floating Body-Guard Sleeve
BG-1001 1" 9" 1600 2000 4000
BG-2001 1" 9" 3200 4000 8000
6" wide free floating Body-Guard Sleeve
BG-1002 2" 9" 3200 4000 8000
BG-2002 2" 9" 6400 8000 16000