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Endless-Triangle (ET)

Safe-Line Protective Nylon Sling

The Safe-Line Endless-Triangle Sling with two standing lines has 100% greater rated lifting capacity than the Triangle-Choker sling with one standing line. The endless design makes a more secure choke. Spreading the legs stabilizes the load for better balance and greater safety. The fitting is alloy steel.

Endless-Triangle Choker Sling
Order by Stock No. and Length Body Width (inches) Strength Rated Capacity (lbs.)
Choker @ 30o Vertical @ 90o Basket @ 90o
ET-1002 2" Single 3200 4000 8000
ET-1003 3" Single 4800 6000 12000
ET-1004 4" Single 6400 8000 16000
ET-1006 6" Single 9600 12000 24000
Note: Aluminum fittings are available upon request. Do not use in applications involving alkalis, acids or caustics. Contact factory for pricing.