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Product Quality

All Wear-Flex synthetic web slings are manufactured under strict quality control to meet or exceed cataloged rated capacities and specifications.
Wear-Flex tests webbings, fittings and all repaired web slings on our 500,000 lb. capacity tensile machine which is calibrated to meet or exceed ASTM E4 specifications. This is another step to ensure product quality and keep safety at a premium.

Product Conformance

Wear-Flex synthetic web slings are tagged and meet or exceed all present requirements of OSHA amd ASME B30.9.

Field Service

Wear-Flex has an engineering service available to help with your lifting problems. Wear-Flex engineers, with many years of sling experience and professional training, are ready to assist you. Call either your local distributor or Wear-Flex direct.

Customer Service

When you need a sling, our number one priority is to give you prompt service. With two strategically located manufcaturing facilities, orders are shipped quickly and efficiently to anywhere in the United States or abroad.

Distributor Network

Wear-Flex Slings are promoted and sold through our extensive distributor network system. Wear-Flex authorized distributors are knowledgeable in sling applications and capable of offering fast, reliable service. Slings are often available from stock for immediate delivery.

Special Slings

If you require a sling not cataloged, Wear-Flex will manufacture it to your specifications. Wear-Flex grows by putting your needs for efficient lifting and safety first.

Webbing Replacement

To help control costs, Wear-Flex can reweb existing fittings. Inspection of the fittings is required prior to the web replacement to determine if the fittings are reusable. Slings will then be proof-tested to twice their rated capacity in compliance with OSHA and ASME B30.9 Standards. A certificate of Conformance will be supplied upon request.